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Approved Equipment List

The Approved Equipment List aims to increase the scope of equipment permitted at all levels of CPU competitions. Adopting this list will help ease restrictions put on meet directors by allowing other options of equipment to be used that may not be on the IPF Approved List of Equipment (“IPF List”).

In addition to the IPF-approved equipment, bars, discs, and collars, equipment listed on the Approved Equipment List shall be used at all levels of powerlifting competitions in the CPU. All equipment listed will be subject to regular inspection by CPU Officials at CPU Competitions to ensure that all equipment is within IPF specifications

Approved Equipment for use at ALL Levels of CPU events:

All equipment listed on the IPF Approved List. See list here.


-Granite Powerlifting Combo Rack

-Calibrated Competition Plates

-Competition Collars


- Competition Combo Rack

- Calibrated Plates

- Calibrated Chrome Plates

- Competition Collar (chrome finish)


- Squat and Bench Press Rack 10-001


- Calibrated Powerlifting Plates

- Comp Bar (20kg)

- Comp Collars (2.5kg)


- Olympic Powerlifting Calibrated Plates

- Olympic Powerlifting Collars (2.5kg)

-  Powerlifting Bar (20kg)


- Men's Powerlifting Bar (20kg)

- Competition Plates


- Powerlifting Bar (20kg)

- Competition Plates


Squat and Bench Press Rack

- Force Barbell (20kg)

- Calibrated Steel Plates ( Competition)

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