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  1. Athletes must have lifted at the current years’ corresponding National Championships, ie: classic bench only for classic World Bench Press Championships and equipped powerlifting for equipped World Powerlifting Championships.

  2. First Place finishers at the corresponding National Championship will secure their team spot. 

  3. The remaining team members will be chosen based on placing of all non-class winners from the most recent National Championship with all second place finishers being chosen next going in descending IPF Formula order, followed by all third place finishers going in descending IPF Formula order and carrying on until the team is full assuming they achieved the IPF Formula requirements at the National Championship for the International A or B team they are applying for.

  4. Final selection will be done by the CPU, according to our Bylaw and Policies.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival
"The Arnold" is the largest multi-sport festival of it kind in the world. A number of powerlifting meets are held as part of the festival through NAPF and USAPL, Canadians can enter pending confirmation from NAPF, USAPL and associated meet directors.

ALL lifters, including us Canadians, must enter directly, not through the World Team applications.

The meets has required totals or points that you must have obtained. Canada does not set any criteria, other than you must be a CPU member in good standing.

Go to to get more information and use their online entry form.

The "University Cup"
Each nation may send a maximum of three teams, consisting of 8 men and 7 women from each of three schools. In other words, up to 15 lifters from school A, 15 from school B and 15 from school C.

Only Classic (unequipped) powerlifting. Entry is not limited to those that participated at nationals, but ALL lifters must have competition experience.

If your school is interested in applying, please complete the World Team Application Form.


Note: The information on this page is primarily focused on lifters going to the various IPF World Championship meets. Other international meets, the Commonwealth Championships, NAPF Regional's and so on are set up very similar, but may have some differences. If you are interested in one of these contests and have questions please contact Championship Secretary Linda McFeeters ( at least 90 days before the event.

Step One, Lifter Entry Form:,
Each lifter must complete the World Team Application Form at least before the application deadline for each event.  

Entry Form Deadlines
Team Applications forms must be received by the application deadline of the international event, without fail.

Shortly after the application deadline to submit your application, the final team selections are made. If you are selected, you will be required to pay a team fee of $275 to cover the required IPF fees and coaching compensation, the CPU Treasurer will send you an invoice for this amount.. The fee will be returned if you are not selected or withdraw before 30 days from the first date of the event. The fee is forfeited if you withdraw within 30 days of the event.

If you need to withdraw from the team, please respect there may be "Alternate" names on the team that can only lift if someone else drops out, so please let us know ASAP.

Step Two: Personal paperwork
A valid passport is ALWAYS required for international travel. In some cases, a visitor visa may be required, this information will be communicated if required. You must take your passport to the weigh-in to prove your identity and age.

Step Three: Team Uniform
All lifters and coaches must have a team uniform, including personal coaches that will be in the warm up or lifting area. The uniform should be worn at all times when at the contest venue, and must be worn during the medal presentation. These are IPF rules, as well as CPU. Additionally, Open, Junior and Sub-Junior members of the Classic Worlds and NAPF Championships teams will be provided a full kit from SBD.  Team Canada lifters on these teams are REQUIRED to wear all provided SBD gear on the platform.

To order your team tracksuit, contact Rhaea Stinn at Inner Strength Products at at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Each uniform is custom made and takes time to make and ship. Older uniforms are acceptable if in good condition.

By THIRTY days out from the contest, you must confirm your attendance, including your weight class, and forward a number of other details:

1. Travel Details
Full details of your travel schedule, date, time and flight numbers if possible, as early as possible. This must include full names of any persons travelling with you, like personal coaches, friends or family. Airport pickup is sometimes included, so they must know the full "when, where, and how many" details.

2. Hotel Needs
At one time, all hotel bookings were made through the meet director, and required advance payment. This is still the case for most events, but some now request the team members to make their own bookings, usually via the internet. You will be advised as to which is the case for your event.

Lifters are required to stay at the official meet hotel. Also, if you withdraw within 21 days of the event, you may still be required to pay the full amount of the accommodation costs.

3. Closing Banquet
Closing Banquets at IPF events are not included, they must be paid for separately, so we must know if you will attend the banquet. Payment may be required in advance.



Weight Classes Changes
The CPU submits all of the above info and a final list of names and weight classes to the IPF by 21 days prior to the event. After this date, NO WEIGHT CLASS CHANGES ARE ALLOWED. If you show up at the event, and are unable to make weight for your class, you will NOT be allowed to lift.

If you do want to change your weight class from your original, you must work with the team coach to determine if there is room for you in another class, and communicate this in time.

Team Coach
If a Team Coach is found for your team, they should be in touch to discuss your training, travel details, attempt selections, and other coaching specific details.

National Records
If you set a CPU national record at a World Championship, you must still complete the CPU Record Application within 7 days of the end of the Championships.

IPF Information:
While all team nomination lists are sent in by the CPU, not by individual lifters, the contest "Invitation" can contain a lot of valuable information about the event, like links to the contest websites, hotel info, possible airport transport, schedules, and other good details. All of the invitation documents can be seen here on the IPF website, click on Championships > Information.



Each team will be assigned a head coach (based on volunteer willingness). That person will be the main contact for all information to and from the athletes after completing the Team Application form (next section). Contact information will be placed here for upcoming events.

In some cases personal coaches may be used, but there are limits on the number of coaches that may be used in each session. Please discuss this with the head coach BEFORE you book a plane ticket for your coach.

In conjunction with the head coach, you may determine what you would like for your attempts. However, the head coach has the final decision on your attempts, to achieve the best team placing, not personal bests or records.

Interested in coaching a World Team? If so, review the Coaching Job Description, and contact the head of the Coaching Committee.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies
The IPF requires two persons from each team to attend the opening ceremonies for the event, as determined by each team, in the team uniform. Also, all as many team members as possible should attend the closing ceremonies and awards banquet.

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