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2024 Bench Worlds and Classic Worlds application process

Please follow see the application process here.


Step One: You must fill out this form below, before the application deadline to the championship and meet all criteria as listed in Policy Section 19. 

Step Two: Team selection will take place shortly after the application deadline. If you are selected, you will be required to pay a fee of $275 to the CPU this fee is used to pay the IPF Participation and Drug Testing fee's payable for all lifters, and compensation to our team coaches.

You may be selected as an alternate, and will only lift if a regular team member is unable to compete.

You may withdraw up to 30 days before the event and be refunded. If you withdraw after that date or do not attend, you will not be refunded.

Step Three: REQUIREMENTS after selection:

  • All athletes, coaches and officials must stay at the designated hotel. Arrangements are usually made by the CPU, and often require payment in advance. You will be informed of the complete hotel and contest details, as they vary from event to event.

  • Team members must wear an official Team Canada uniform, previous team uniforms are acceptable. Contact Rhaea Stinn of Inner Strength Products at

  • Open, Junior and Sub-Junior members of the Classic Worlds and NAPF Championships teams will be provided a full kit from SBD.  Team Canada lifters on these teams are REQUIRED to wear all provided SBD gear on the platform.

  • When possible, two team members must attend the opening ceremonies and all team members present are expected to attend the closing banquet.

  • Weight class changes are not permitted after the final entry is sent in, 21 days prior.

  • The team coach has the final say as to a lifter's attempts.

  • Any difficulties fulfilling these requirements should be presented to the CPU prior to your acceptance onto the team.

  • By completing this application, you agree with the above requirements and agree to read Sections 9 and 10 of the CPU Bylaws.

  • If you set a CPU national record at a World Championship, you must complete the CPU Record Application within 7 days of the end of the Championships.

Further information about CPU International Teams can be found at the CPU World Team information page at :

 World Team Application Information

Note: ALL communication will be done via EMAIL only, no other methods will be used.

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