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To Join the CPU:

1. Obtain membership through your Provinces link below:

British Columbia



New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

2. Complete True Sport Course HERE

3. Print or Screenshot your valid membership and completed True Sport course for proof when required to present at contests.

4. Sign up for a meet - Find meets on your Provinces Websites or in the Upcoming Events page.


* CPU Membership is Non-Refundable


  • To become a registrant of the CPU, individuals must be a Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status or be in Canada on a work or study visa. 

  • If a Registrant is from a non-affiliated province or is a Canadian citizen permanently residing in a foreign country and wishes to compete in a CPU-sanctioned contest, they must obtain a membership card directly from the CPU Registration Chairperson. Provincial registration chairpersons should never register a Registrant from outside their own province

  • Individuals may only apply to become registrants through the province that they reside in. 

  • Individuals on work or study visas cannot set national records or earn a spot on any national team.​

  • Other individuals can participate in CPU events as lifters or officials by showing proof of membership in good standing with any IPF affiliate federation, but they will be listed as guest lifters.​

  • As a requirement of membership and to compete at any CPU or Provincial sanctioned event, registrants are required to take the CCES online E-Learning Anti-Doping Tracked course and subsequent renewal course after each twelve-month period, to maintain a current Certificate of Completion.​

  • Youth division registrants are exempt from completing the CCES online E-Learning Anti-Doping Tracked course. 

Referee Membership:

  • If you are a referee and not a competing athlete, you may join the CPU with a no provincial affiliation. 


  • Eligibility:

  • ​All Registrants with a Referee Membership are required to take the CCES online E-Learning Anti-Doping Tracked course and subsequent renewal course after each 12-month period, to maintain a current Certificate of Completion as a requirement of membership and to be eligible to referee at CPU events.

  • Only Provincial level or higher referees, who are either retired or on sabbatical from competition, may apply for this membership.

Detailed Instructions: 

  • 1. Select your province of residence from the list above. You can compete in ANY province but must get your card through the province where you live. 

  • 2. Click on the Sign Up tab, and Sign Up For Myself.


3. Click on Memberships on the left.

Note: If you are renewing your membership you should see a blue RENEWAL button. It will appear if you are within 30 day of expiring. 


4. Select your Membership type. All competitive memberships will show the provincial portion, the $80 CPU portion will be automatically included. Types will vary from province to province, most will pick the first option, the Open membership. Click on Buy for Myself.


5. The next page will confirm your selections, ask you some questions (set by your province) and ask you to agree to your provincial waiver.


6. Next enter your credit card payment information, and other required info and complete the purchase. 

7. PRINTING your membership card: 

Click on Dashboard at the top right, then on Memberships on the left, and in the Canadian Powerlifting Union section, you will see the "PRINT MEMBERSHIP CARD" button. 

Some members are reporting that they had to log out and back in to get the Print button. 


Membership cards are designed to fold over to fit in your wallet. 

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