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  • A Record Application is required for ALL record lifts, including from National or World Championships within SEVEN DAYS after the contest. (or the last day of a multi-day event.)

  • Application can be done by Online form.

  • Retired Records:On December 31, 2010, all current records were retired due to weight class changes by the IPF. Those retired records can be seen here. Also, the Pre-Drug Testing Era records, retired in 1987.

  • Unequipped Records: Unequipped is defined as shoes/socks, undergarments, non-supportive singlet and T-shirt, wrist-wraps, neoprene knee-sleeves and belt. A lifter that uses supportive gear for ANY lift in a contest is considered an "equipped" lifter, and cannot claim Unequipped records on any other lift.


Youth Records - November 20, 2023


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