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CCES Violations

Recently, there have been several positive findings at a single local meet in February 2022. At that local event, CCES conducted 10 tests and concluded 3 adverse findings from 3 individuals. This was a testing blitz by CCES and the CPU commends their pursuit for clean sport and we are proud of the high standard of testing protocol they perform. Incidents like these should remind everyone that CCES can and will test at all levels. Those positive findings are never something we are happy to see, but we are confident in WADA and CCES to perform their duties unbiasedly and with the highest quality of due process. We recently renewed our contract with CCES for another year of testing and we are thrilled to continue our partnership with CCES and grow our testing pool.

I want to remind everyone:

CCES tests at ALL LEVELS: locally, provincially, regionally, nationally, and out-of-meet.

This is a core tenant of the CPU and though the last few years have been less than normal, our standard has not changed. Consider this seriously. Our athletes deserve a drug free platform and our anti-doping program will continue to pursue that goal relentlessly. We will continue to test as many athletes as possible with an organizational goal to increase our testing year over year.

Thank you CCES and WADA for your ongoing professionalism.

- Shane Martin, CPU President

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