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CPU Nationals 2024 and 2024 International Team Selection

As membership has indicated that Nationals during Canada’s winter months is less than desirable, 2024 Nationals will be held (as a TRIAL time frame) in September in PEI. Selection for international teams will be based on

similar criteria that was used during the 2020-2022 Covid period.

● Athletes can apply for these teams using their best total from a corresponding discipline (ie.classic totals for classic events, equipped totals for equipped events) from any 2023 or 2024 IPF competition, or 2023 CPU Nationals, or 2023 or 2024 CPU Regionals

  • Bench only results from 3 lift competitions will not be considered for bench only teams. Athletes must have done a bench only competition.

● The athlete must be applying for a spot on the team in the weight class they competed in. Once the team is named athletes may be able to move weight classes based on CPU policies.

● Athletes must have hit their CPU National Qualifying Total with the results they’re using to apply for the team.

● The totals of all eligible applicants will be sorted based on weight and age classes, and 1st place in each weight class will automatically earn the spot on the National team. Any remaining team spots and reserves will be filled based on the CPU policies (all second place finishers will be pooled and ranked according to IPF points and named to the team, followed by all third place finishers being ranked by IPF points and named to the team, and carrying on until the team has been filled).

● Athletes applying for a spot in a sub-junior, junior, or masters age category in 2024 must apply using a result from 2024 when they are in that new age category.

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