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Prohibited Associations


Anti-Doping Rules - Prohibited Association With Suspended Athletes

As an IPF affiliate Nation, Canada (the CPU) follows IPF Anti-Doping Rules, the WADA Anti-Doping Code and follows the guidelines of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, all of which address the issue of CPU
registrants and potential affiliations with suspended athletes, using identical clauses and Articles.

The following are the restrictions placed on Suspended Athletes as per WADA:

1) A Suspended Registrant cannot train, coach, or be present at an official CPU facility with other CPU registrants in good standing.

2) A Suspended R
egistrant cannot be coached by a powerlifting coach who is a CPU Certified Coach. As a CPU certified coach, it is your responsibility to make sure you do not coach any Suspended Athletes.


Here is that article in full:

2.10 Prohibited Association

Prohibited Association by an Athlete or Other Person

2.10.1 Association by an Athlete or other Person subject to the authority of an Anti-Doping Organization in a professional or sport-related capacity with any Athlete Support Person who:

2.10.1 If subject to the authority of an Anti-Doping Organization, is serving a period of Ineligibility; or If not subject to the authority of an Anti-Doping Organization, and where Ineligibility has not been addressed in a Results Management process pursuant to the Code, has been convicted or found in a criminal, disciplinary or professional proceeding to have engaged in conduct which would have constituted a violation of anti-doping rules if Code compliant rules had been applicable to such Person. The disqualifying status of such Person shall be in force for the longer of six years from the criminal, professional or disciplinary decision or the duration of the criminal, disciplinary or professional sanction imposed; or Is serving as a front or intermediary for an individual described in Article or

2.10.2 To establish a violation of Article 2.10, an Anti-Doping Organization must establish that the Athlete or other Person knew of the Athlete Support Person’s disqualifying status.

  • The burden shall be on the Athlete or other Person to establish that any association with an Athlete Support Person described in Article or is not in a professional or sport-related capacity and/or that such association could not have been reasonably avoided.

  • Anti-Doping Organizations that are aware of Athlete Support Personnel who meet the criteria described in Article,, or shall submit that information to WADA. 

[Comment to Article 2.10: Athletes and other Persons must not work with coaches, trainers, physicians or other Athlete Support Personnel who are Ineligible on account of an anti-doping rule violation or who have been criminally convicted or professionally disciplined in relation to doping. This also prohibits association with any other Athlete who is acting as a coach or Athlete Support Person while serving a period of Ineligibility. Some examples of the types of association which are prohibited include: obtaining training, strategy, technique, nutrition or medical advice; obtaining therapy, treatment or prescriptions; providing any bodily products for analysis; or allowing the Athlete Support Person to serve as an agent or representative. Prohibited association need not involve any form of compensation.

While Article 2.10 does not require the Anti-Doping Organization to notify the Athlete or other Person about the Athlete Support Person’s disqualifying status, such notice, if provided, would be important evidence to establish that the Athlete or other Person knew about the disqualifying status of the Athlete Support Person.]


Any questions on this information may be directed to the CPU Anti-Doping Committee at

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