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How to Become a National Referee

All references concerning the criteria about becoming a national referee can be found in the CPU policies section 16.6.

To become certified as a national level CPU referee the testing procedure is as follows:


a)  A provincial referee in good standing with their provincial association;

b)  Must be recommended by their Member Province;

c) Participation in the national referee's examination consisting of a written examination to be taken in the presence of a member of the Technical Committee, or by an individual appointed by the Technical Committee, and will be followed by a practical examination;

d)  Must achieve a passing score of 90 percent or more on both the written and practical examination;

e)  The written examination must be taken and passed prior to the practical examination;

f)  For the practical examination, the applicant shall sit before at least two, and not more than three, referees of national or higher rank, and adjudicate a minimum of one hundred attempts while serving as chief referee;

g)  The practical examination must be administered by at least one IPF referee on the jury. Other adjudicating referee’s may be of national rank. During the practical examination, a minimum of 100 attempts must be adjudicated.  If necessary, the practical examination may be spread over more than one competition, with the same IPF level adjudicator;

h)  Written tests will be obtained from the Technical Committee, and the completed tests and examination forms will be returned to the Technical Committee;

i)  New national referees may be certified at an annual national championships, or an annual regional championships provided that all of the above conditions are met.

CPU National and International Referees

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