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Report Doping


The pursuit of doping-free sport is a matter of public interest. The CPU is committed to eradicating the use of performance enhancing drugs from powerlifting in Canada. As such, all registrants of the CPU, by virtue of membership, are agreeing to submit to periodic drug testing, either at a sanctioned CPU contest, or on a "no notice" out of competition basis.

The CPU also follows the guidelines of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program. The CADP is the set of rules that govern doping control in Canada. Compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and all international standards, the CADP describes how the program is carried out and details the process of results management, including penalties for infractions.

Full details of the CADP and other controls that the CPU adheres to may be found on the website of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

Effective July 2017, the CPU no longer posts results. This is to minimize any chance of predictability to testing.

If you have been tested and would like to know the results, please contact Mylene Lee at CCES,, or by phone at 800-672-7775 (extension 3248)

Report Doping

If you have knowledge or suspicion that a CPU member is involved in the use or distribution of performance enhancing drugs, you may report this to the CCES, anonymously if you wish.

Please go to and provide as many details as possible.

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