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Jeff Butt


Jeff Butt is the CPU President.

Jeff started powerlifting in December 1992. He won Bronze for his bench press at the 2008 IPF World Championships in St. John's, where he also held the responsibility of Meet Director and coach to a number of the athletes on Team Canada. Jeff has not only competed in 20 events, but has coached 30 international teams, was head coach at an international Special Olympics competition, provincial coach for four national Special Olympics competitions, and has acted as meet director for four international and three national competitions. Jeff has also served as referee in over 10 international competitions.

Jeff’s involvement in the CPU and the powerlifting community in general is important to him because the CPU provides Canadian athletes the ability to compete in a WADA-approved drug-tested competition on a national and international level. As well, he’s dedicated over 20 years to Special Olympics powerlifting - currently coaching 15 athletes - and the CPU provides the opportunity for Special Olympics athletes to compete.

When he’s not coaching, refereeing, or running competitions, Jeff lives in Paradise, NL with his 9-year-old daughter, Maddison. He is a Senior Employer Advisor in his full-time job, works part-time with a gentleman with autism, and provides online coaching and runs events with John Smart through their team, 709 Powerlifting.

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