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Linda McFeeters


Linda McFeeters is CPU Secretary, a role she was appointed to in November 2020 upon the retirement of Mike Armstrong. As Secretary, she is responsible for organizing the meetings of the CPU Board of Directors, as well as any meetings between the Board and its members, including our Annual General Meeting. The Secretary keeps our bylaws and policies and procedures up to date, serves as an intermediary between the CPU President and the General Secretary of the IPF, and as a liaison between various CPU committees.
Linda started powerlifting in 2012 and has since held a variety of positions within the CPU. One of her proudest moments was hosting the 2015 OPA Championships. At the time powerlifting was on a huge growth spurt and it was the largest meet in Canada to date - larger than even the National competition that year, with around 240 competitors. With little experience, Linda and her team managed to not only secure vendors like Inner Strength, MusclePharm, and Titan, but also secured Inzer as a sponsor. Even with a number of competitions, records, and medals under her belt, Linda says “my best memories come from hosting meets - bringing people together to make events happen and watching the lifters and the crowd enjoy themselves throughout the whole competition.”
Out of all her experience, she enjoys most the opportunity to meet so many people with different backgrounds who can all come together to find common ground in powerlifting. She says, “I think it’s an honour to be involved in this sport, and involvement can range from volunteering in one of many capacities at a meet to being on the Board.” In addition to CPU’s impeccable drug testing standards, Linda notes how important it is to provide a “stable base where member provinces can work together to provide an inclusive, safe and supporting atmosphere for any person wanting to powerlift whether it be in one meet or a lifetime of competitions.”
Linda lives in a small rural community in Ontario between Hamilton and Niagara Falls and works in a family business where she currently handles the logistics for inbound raw material shipments and scheduling outbound finished inventory to customers across North America.

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