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CCES Online Education Completion Requirement 

Dear Current, Renewing and Future Registrants of the CPU, 

The growth, success and true national reach of the CPU can be directly linked to our core values. These values include our high and consistent officiating standards, the quality and organization of our meets, our excellent and expert volunteers and our stand against the use of performance enhancing drugs. These values accounts for the high quality of lifting in the CPU, the strength of our organization and the size and growth of our membership. These values are diligently maintained by the CPU Board and by your provincial associations to support you in your efforts as an athlete and as a registrant of this great community. 

Strengthening our stand against the use of performance enhancing drugs, the CPU now participates in the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) and has fully adopted the WADA Code. Doing so allowed the CPU to take additional and very significant steps to protect the health and rights of our athletes. 

The CPU is now asking all registrants to participate in the CADP in a very direct way. 

To maintain membership in good standing and to register for future competitions, ALL r
egistrants are required to complete the CCES True Sport Clean online education module annually. Please see below, chose the English or Francais version, and complete the course.


  • New registrants must complete True Sport Clean (full course) for the calendar year

  • Returning registrants are assigned The True Sport Clean Review, a considerably shorter version of the course

  • All courses are label led with the appropriate year (i.e. athletes competing this year should complete True Sport Clean 2017 / The 2017 True Sport Clean Review)

  • Certificates of course completion, within the year, are recognized across CADP adoptees (e.g. various sport NSOs, U SPORTS, CCAA, the CJFL, etc.)

  • Registrants who have moved from a non-CADP anti-doping programs to the CADP must complete True Sport Clean.

  • Sport administrators can request that their sport coordinator and/or the education team transfer athletes accordingly when they switch from one sport to another

  • More information is available at


At the time of online membership purchase, renewing, returning or new registrants will be directed to the CCES True Sport Clean online education module. They will be required to complete the course prior to their purchase being finalized and membership activated. 

For athletes currently included in the CPU Whereabouts Program or listed on the CPU National Testing Pool who have previously completed the True Sport Clean online education module, no action is required.  


Step 1 : Complete the CCES course as outlined above. Click here to get started.
Step 2 : After completion of the CCES course, come back here and Click here to finish the process. 

If you run into any issues with the Membership process please speak with our Membership Registrar.

True Sport Clean - Course Distribution Instructions for CPU Registrant

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is pleased to invite you to complete the e-learning course True Sport Clean. 

Please go to the following URL and follow the instructions found there: 

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the CCES for assistance. 

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport
1-613-521-3340 x3236 or 1-800-672-7775 


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