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  1. Brant Sports Hall of Fame Nomination form:

  2. “Coach, Student Form Strong Bond” April 16, 2014:

  3. “Powerlifting Community Honours a Pioneer” September 18, 2018:

  4. “Brant Powerlifter Newest Inductee into Hall of Fame” September 7, 2018:

  5. CPU Facebook post from July 28, 2017:
    History of the CPU
    I had a conversation with my good friend Bill Jamison not long ago about the beginnings of the CPU. Bill is the right person to talk with about these things. Bill is the longest serving IPF referee on the planet and has held just about every CPU role you can name and many others in the IPF. Pulling from his archives, Bill could produce the CPU Newsletter from 1973 that dealt with these matters.
    From the editorial page of that CPU Newsletter:
    “The Canadian Powerlifting Union was officially formed by the Ontario Powerlifting Association and the Manitoba Powerlifting Association in October 1973.” The next provincial association to be accepted to the CPU was Nova Scotia followed by Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec.
    Also from the newsletter:
    “Ned Gvoich and Bill Jamison represented Canada at the 1973 International Powerlifting Federation World Congress in York, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. They helped set up a list of official IPF rules for all International Powerlifting competitions. Ned was appointed chairman of the Officiating Committee and has already drawn up a test for International Powerlifting Referees. Ned is also a member of the Certification Committee. Bill Gvoich is on the Disciplinary Committee and Bill Jamison is the chairman of the Finance Committee. However, the most important achievement was the acceptance and recognition of the C.P.U. by the I.P.F.”
    There you have it folks. I’m proud to say the CPU can be counted among the founders of the IPF. Bill, Ned and Bill are among those that set the standards for powerlifting in Canada and internationally. Please thank Bill Jamison next time you see him.
    Best regards,
    Mark Giffin, CPU President.

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