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cPU complaint management and itp

The CPU has partnered with ITP Sports and Recreation. ITP Sport is Canada’s first full service and programming Safe Sport agency. With a combined 20 years of experience and unparalleled expertise, ITP leads the charge in the Safe Sport movement. ITP has curated Canada’s top professionals in the space of safeguarding, communications, legal, and operations. ITP Sport offers the CPU a range of services and consultation to ensure participants are kept as safe as possible, and our organization remains strong, consistent, and proud in their commitment to Safe Sport. CPU has retained ITP to process complaints pursuant to the CPU Complaint and Discipline Policy.

What does this mean FOR THE CPU?

  • Complaints that are violations of the CPU Code of Conduct or appeals can be filed to: Reporting is confidential and accessible.

  • Reporting is available to all CPU members.

  • On receipt of a file, they will do efficient Case Triage including provisional suspensions, organization notification, authority notification and external organization notification where necessary.

    • ITP will determine if the infraction is deemed a major or minor infraction and processed according to the respective procedures.

  • On receipt of an admissible complaint, the individuals named in the complaint will be notified and provided with the complaint and additional information in order to provide a response.

Outcomes and ReminderS

  1. Parties will be encouraged to enter alternative dispute resolution or a panel will issue a finding and appropriate sanction.

  2. Parties are reminded that they can engage a representative or counsel at their own expense.

  3. Decisions can be appealed dependent on grounds as outlined in the complaint and discipline policy.

  4. A reminder if someone is in immediate danger, that police or appropriate authorities should be contacted.

Have questions?

If you have any questions regarding the complaint management process please reachout to the Ethics Committee or contact ITP.

cPU complaint management Process

CPU Complaint Flowchart Feb 2024.jpg
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