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Tue Process Clarification

Should any members be on prescribed medications, here is the two-step process for assessing your TUE needs.


1. Check to see if your medications are restricted or prohibited at the 'Global DRO' website-


2. If you find that your medications are restricted or prohibited, do the 'TUE Wizard' on the CCES website which will tell you if you need a TUE prior to competing or not  at   -

    (All Registered Testing Pool (RTP), National Athlete Pool (NAP) and International competitors do require TUE's prior to competing)  


NOTE- If you do not require a TUE prior to competing, then you are tested at an event, then fail the test based on your medications - CCES would assist you in applying for a Retoactive TUE.


After referring to the 'Global DRO' and 'TUE Wizard' if anyone is unsure, please contact the Anti-Doping Chair at

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